Ciesse Costruzioni Meccaniche offers small and medium-sized precision machining (up to 5 tons), with extremely high standards of quality.

Alongside this workshop, the company has a metal-working and welding department, with both manual and automated processes using the latest robotics. It also has a special department for theassembly of components.

Finally, it offers a warehouse management service , also on behalf of its Customers.



Ciesse Costruzioni Meccaniche operates in many important sectors:

  • Naval
  • Industrial
  • Oil & gas
  • Automotive





Working method

The company has a particular character in relation to its size, which owes much to the innovative working method it adopts in its role as Main Contractor. Ideally, its production is in small batches, consisting of about 10 to 1000 pieces per year.


Complete project management

As part of its relationship with the customer, Ciesse Costruzioni Meccaniche covers every step in the production process, from procurement of the order to shipment of the goods. The relationship with our customers begins with receipt of the order, which immediately enters our advanced management system. From that moment on, Ciesse Costruzioni Meccaniche will take full responsibility for the order up to the moment of completion, including the purchase of raw materials from selected suppliers, and the planning and implementation of all the activities required to complete the order.

By means of the integrated management system, involving all departments, every aspect related to the project is constantly checked, automatically inspected, and then entered on a production sheet, containing all the details needed to show full compliance with the work programme.